This is the Fortunate Sons. [READ FIRST][INCLUDES MEMBERLIST]

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This is the Fortunate Sons. [READ FIRST][INCLUDES MEMBERLIST]

Post  Mikeol1987 on Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:55 pm

Welcome to the Fortunate Sons

If you've found your way here then you must be interested in joining the clan, I'm Mike and I started this clan as a community for mature RDR players (17+) and fans of History, in particular old wars, old weapon enthusiasts etc.
We primarily play on Xbox Live.

The Fortunate Son soldier is preferred to have an in-game character from the 'American Army' section in the Outfitter. The TFS soldier also has 'default' loadouts, that is to say a preferred weapon set for the clan, in keeping with the regimented theme.

Meet Locations

The TFS meets in Harcore Free Roam sessions at either our US or Mexico locations; which are revealed upon full membership.

The preferred secondary weapon of the TFS is either the Double-Action Revolver, or the Mauser Pistol.

The preferred primary weapon of the TFS is the Bolt Action Rifle, or the Carcano Rifle if you are part of the Sharpshooting unit.

This is not a strict rule (on guns) but will be during clan battles. (anything goes in Freeroam skirmish) your job as TFS personnel will be to master all of the weapons in RDR, but in particular these four.

Our Mission
The Clan 'Mission' is to unite all of the Army clans of RDR into one unstoppable force, without impeding on other clans' pride. If you do not want to be a Full Time member of the Fortunate Sons, sign up and ask us about forming an Alliance with your unit of the Army and we'll help each other out.
All we see for the Future of RDR Online is Military Control. Smile

Alternatively if you would like to Clan Battle the Fortunate Sons, send me a message on Xbox Live or Here. Thank you

Joining Requirements

- You must have your LIVE name as your forum name. (this can be changed after if you didnt do it...please request)
- You must be 17+
- You must agree to master the four standard issue TFS weapons.
- You must be level 18+
- You must attend an initiation/training session before full membership is given
- You must be good at killing things

Soldiers of the TFS and their roles within

General (Commander in Chief of TFS) - Mikeol2009
Colonel (Commanding other TFS units) - Sams ThreeSixty
Lieutenant Colonel (Commanding Other TFS units) - NOW HIRING FOR LT.COL.

We are currently looking for 12 members, should I say leaders? of the RDR multiplayer community to form the rest of the core leadership in the 1st established Division of this Army, and this works on a first come first serve, first person we pick basis.

We hope to make this clan big enough that a 2nd Division has to be opened up, opening a whole new set of opportunities for established members of the clan to move up to leadership roles, bringing with it all the rewards it carries.

Consider the Fortunate Sons, you won't regret it.


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